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E-mail Archiving in the Cloud


Customizable and Secure Archiving, Discovery and Recovery.

Our cloud e-mail archiving solution operates in conjunction with your existing e-mail infrastructure or integrates with our other messaging solutions to deliver archiving, discovery, recovery and more. With e-mail now at the core of business communications local storage and IT requirements are ever evolving. Atop of the technical challenges keeping legal records of all e-mails can prove useful should disputes arise. The solution to this problem doesn't have to be daunting though, instead our solution can be up and running quickly and keep your business protected and employees productive.

With our solution there is no hardware to invest it, no e-mail client configuration changes or client side software. We host the solution in the cloud and availability becomes like electricity availability - it's just there, but even better, because if your local power goes out, you can still reach your e-mail from any location with a browser and internet access or even your mobile device browser.


Active Archiving

Active Archiving

With the structure of e-mail changing frequently, and e-mail quickly becoming one of the most referenced information in the business it is ever more crucial to archive this information actively. We cut out the complexities and intricacies some other provides introduce by capturing a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal e-mail messages in a secure, encrypted repository indefinitely. Not only does this offer almost 100% compatibility with e-mail systems it is the most effective way at ensuring a complete archive, no action by the user can affect the contents of repository since they are not directly connected to it.

E Discovery


eDiscovery refers to the process in which is used to find e-mails in the active archive. Our Cloud Archiving solution for E-mail provides a unique set of eDiscovery tools that empower users to perform multiple levels of live search for any email or attachment within the archive. Using our proprietary discovery search engine it will enable your administrators or users who are provided access to locate relevant and related e-mails and attachments quickly and easy from the mailbox archive. Authorized users can even search across the entire enterprise with ease. Previously tools of this caliber were simply unavailable for small and medium business.

Life Preserver Computer

E-Mail Recovery

The E-mail recovery solution allows quick and efficient recovery from a user friendly online interface, users can use our "click and pick" data tools to instantly recover any e-mail or attachment from the active archive into their desktop Inbox. In the event of a catastrophic event a full mailbox restore can even be performed from the same interface, ensuring complete disaster recovery no matter what the situation is. The E-mail recovery solution can also be in more malicious situations where employees intentionally delete e-mails from the local mail system.

E-Mail Continuity

E-Mail Continuity

With users and business owners alike demanding 100% uptime from e-mail systems and downtime adversly affecting business operations our E-Mail Archving service also serves as a backup. In the event your infrastructure becomes unavailable due to hardware failure, internet connection failure or any other reason you can still securely access your e-mails use any standard web browser and continue communication via e-mail without any down-time, mail queing or sender 'bounce-back' messages.


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