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A complete E-mail solution with built in Security.

At the core of our messaging solutions is Microsoft's Exchange Server. Microsoft's Exchange Server is the de facto standard for many enterprises and with good reason. Exchange was built from the ground up with business in mind. Exchange can give your company the most powerful tools available in the industry for e-mail. By implementing these tools your organization can significantly improve the productivity of your staff. Without proper configuration, however, your company will run into issues that can potentially cost your company a lot of money in wasted productivity. Many providers offer hosted exchange however many lack the expertise necessary to fully utilize all of these powerful tools.

Exchange's collaboration features are second to none and will save your company time and money in operating efficiency. Share your Calendars, Tasks, Contacts and more between users. Setup company resources for vehicles, conference rooms or other equipment and schedule in one place. 

Many companies have realized setting up and managing an in-house exchange server is very time-consuming, costly and problematic. Enter our Hosted Exchange solution which gives you all the features of having your own exchange server minus the headache of managing and deploying all for a low monthly cost. All accounts on our hosted exchange system include our e-mail security solution at no additional cost.


Sync Across All Devices

Sync Data Across All Devices

Utilizing Microsoft's ActiveSync® technology gives you the ability to sync your e-mail across multiple devices in near real-time. Read E-mails on your Mobile Device in the morning and reply. Pick up where you left off when you get to the office from your desktop, all of your sent items from your mobile device show up in your "Sent Items" and your e-mail shows read and replied. No more wasted time re-reading e-mails to figure out if you have replied. In addition to syncing your e-mails you also have the ability to sync your contacts, calendars, tasks and reminders across all your devices. Make a change on one it affects all of them almost instantly.

Access Your Email Anywhere

Access your E-Mail from Anywhere

Your e-mail should be as mobile as you are. With Microsoft Exchange Server your e-mail is as mobile as you and you have the ability to not only check your e-mail on your Desktop Computer at the office or home, but to check your e-mail from a variety of Mobile Devices including iPhone, iPad, Android OS devices, and any Web Browser. This flexibility ensures you always have access to your e-mail no matter where you are.

Large Mailbox Sizes

Large Mailbox Sizes

With mailbox sizes of up to 50GB our Hosted Exchange solution has all your storage needs covered. Gone are the days of needing to clean out your inbox after getting those pesky system messages. Keep all your old e-mails complete with the attachment as a searchable reference for the future. 

Remote Device Wipe

Remote Device Wipe

Loose your Mobile Device? No problem we have you covered, with our Hosted Exchange solution a command can be sent to your mobile device to perform a remote wipe which stops your sensitive information from being stolen should someone find your device. If you happen to recover your device after the wipe has been complete it can simply be reconnected to the Exchange server to continue using your e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and reminders. 

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