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E-mail Security in the Cloud


Spam costs your business time and money.

Did you know that 58% or more of all e-mail sent is classified as spam or infected? While most e-mail clients have some level of spam filtering built in it is no match against the ever evolving techniques spammers use, and it can be costly to your business. With a new breed of threats known as ransom-ware on the rise, business are at even more risk than ever. Businesses that don't have an effective spam filter in place, can generate costs up to $700 a year per employee. This is an expense that can easily be avoided with a quality e-mail security solution. With our solution there is no hardware to invest it, no e-mail client configuration changes or client side software.

The most common source of all virus, spyware, malware and even ransom-ware are usually initiated by benign looking e-mails containing links. Anti-virus programs do a great job at eliminating and detecting possible security threats through the use of identifiable malicious code and activities, however, users with limited knowledge in the methods of malicious activity can usually make decisions that supersede the red flags that are thrown when antivirus programs detect unnatural behavior. If spam slips through the holes in your mail client's spam filter and lands in the inbox of an employee who doesn't know better, you could be at serious risk.

Standard e-mail client spam filtering requires the user to define spam parameters per inquiry. Our anti-spam solution uses intelligent pre-designed filters and includes multiple layers of protection that stop phishing attempts, viruses, Denial of Service (DoS), Directory Harvest Attacks (DHA) and much more. With this highly effective, low cost, cloud e-mail security solution from Quest Digital Solutions, you'll increase your staff's productivity, and eliminate cost associated with these types of threats. The service pays for itself with a rapid ROI.

The moment our e-mail security solution is implemented, you'll immediately notice the elimination of spam within your company's e-mail. Employees will no longer have to spend a portion of their day downloading and sifting through junk mail. Above all else, you virtually eliminate malicious attacks from e-mail spam and protect your company's intellectual property.


Puzzle Steps

10 Step Filtering Approach

At the core of our e-mail security solution is a 10 step filtering approach which results in approximately 96.5% of all incoming mail connections being blocked before they ever reach your server or inbox. This results in tremendous bandwidth savings and resource savings on your local mail infrastructure. With low false positive detection you can rest assured your important e-mails will make it to your inbox. To further reduce the chances of false positives when you send an e-mail to any address or reply to an e-mail that address automatically becomes whitelisted and is no longer subject to any content filtering.

Spam Filtering

Virus & Phishing Scanner

While traditional viruses are fairly rare now they can still wreak havoc on your IT infrastructure, our e-mail security solution not only scans for traditional viruses but also scans for the latest type of threats including phishing scams. Phishing scams are extremely dangerous for users as they appear to be legitimate requests to reset a password or verify account information. When users click on links provided in these phishing e-mails they may install malicious software and attempt to steal passwords, personal information, and financial information.

Control Panel Icon

In Message Control Panel

Our unique in-message control panel provides a simple and intuitive means for bi-directional communication between the user and the server. Users can block or allow a sender right from within the e-mail by clicking on a link contained with the message. Experience confirms that users find the control panel to be simple, helpful and effective. Being easy for users to understand, the choices are intuitive, and most of all, users like the ability to take concrete, immediate action to squash spammers. This control panel is automatically removed should you reply to or forward the message out of the organization.

Inbound Outbound

Inbound & Outbound Scanning

Most e-mail security solution providers simply provide inbound scanning which is only addressing half the problem. Our e-mail security solution scans not only your inbound mail but also scans your outbound mail providing a way to stop infected devices on your network from getting your domain or IP addresses blacklisted.  


Address On The Fly


Address-on-the-Fly™ (AOTF) provides users with a unique, liberating capability for disclosing e-mail aliases as an alternative to their primary address. Its simple implementation, which does not require any setup prior to use prevents the user from having to share their primary e-mail address with public or uncontrolled sources that may result in new sources of spam. All AOTF's automatically resolve to the user's single inbox. This popular capability, which is one implementation of our Protective Address technology, provides an effective means of controlling inbox access, blocking spam, making phishing attacks immediately self-evident, and preserving the long-term integrity of the user's primary e-mail address.

E-Mail Continuity

E-Mail Spooling

With our e-mail security solution we provide e-mail spooling at no additional cost. In the event your e-mail infrastructure becomes unavailable due to hardware failure, internet connection failure or any other reason our service will queue your mail for up to 7 days. When your mail server comes online all of your e-mail will delivered.


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